Who We Are


We are a very talented, vibrant, and inspired team that is very excited and enthusiastic about our profession. We have put together over the years a team of some of the very best individuals who each bring something unique to the company.

Meet the team

  • Jasmine Jackson

    Interior Designer, BAID

    Jasmine recently finished her schooling in the Bachelor of Applied Interior Design at Mount Royal University, and is eager to build her knowledge about the industry. She sees every project as its own work of art, and draws inspiration from the beauty found in nature. With the strong belief that a space is an extension of the people who occupy it, she is dedicated to getting to know each client to ensure that the projects reflect their vision. Jasmine is interested in the health and well-being of people and the environment, and will enthusiastically take on a challenge to design healthy spaces which continually inspire the people who use it. When enjoying her free time, Jasmine can be found exploring the city, reading about art, fashion, and music, or making her friends laugh.

  • Emma Petty

    Interior Designer

    Even after completing her secondary education in Interior Design and working in the industry for several years, Emma continues to have a strong desire for learning. This sense of exploration and want to gain more design knowledge is, in her words, part of her journey to create results that inspire. As an extension to that, she cares about each project individually; her enthusiasm to understand and relate to clients compliments Sliver Custom Design and our philosophy of customizing every project for each customer, home, or workspace to exceed satisfaction. Last but not least, Emma looks for and appreciates the beauty in all things but she enjoys sharing it with others too. When she is not developing her skills as an interior designer, she enjoys being active and spending time with family and friends.

  • Marco Scheiwiller

    General Manager (Owner)

    Marco has been actively involved in the residential/commercial industry in Calgary for the past 12 years. Shortly after completing his MBA from the University of Calgary in 2004, he and Dustin started Sliver Custom Design & Finishing. His dedicated approach to seeing project development, from beginning to end, has been crucial in the company’s success. In order for Sliver to continually grow and be committed to our customer excellence he devotes much of his time to the accounting and financial preparation. Furthermore he finds great satisfaction in the construction of on-site millwork/cabinets with Sliver’s outstanding team of carpenters. His inspiration and enthusiasm towards his business comes from the unwavering support he receives from his wife Tamara, and 2 daughters Ava, and Alaina.

  • Dustin Lattery

    President (Owner)

    Dustin has devoted the past decade of his life transforming the manner in which residential/commercial design in Calgary is implemented. He constantly strives to empower the people around him, assisting them in becoming passionate leaders in their communities, and the workplace which is evident in his energetic team at Sliver Custom Design and Finishing. His vision for making a difference in Calgary’s residential/commercial design can be seen in his many spirited, elusive, and prudent designs throughout the city. He credits much of Sliver’s successes to the strength in his business partnership and friendship with Marco. He believes that Sliver has been able to flourish and sustain the constant challenges of economic uncertainty due to the rapport amongst clients and the individuals that make up Sliver. His personable approach is to inspire young, talented designers to not only achieve their passion in design, but also enlighten them to craft a positive experience for each client.